Facebook for Marketing

Facebook for Marketing

Here we are going to discuss how to use Facebook for marketing. Facebook is well known to everyone.

Now days the largest social media platform is the Facebook in the world. There are currently 2.27 billion active users on this social media platform. Of these, 1.5 billion people use Facebook daily.

Then think about the impact of Facebook for marketing on digital media. According to the report, a person spends 50 minutes on social media throughout the day.

So, in those 50 minutes you can show your business to the whole world with the help of Facebook marketing.

Many are among us do not know how it possible to use Facebook for marketing. Here, I give you Guide Step by Step for Facebook Marketing Course in three Topics.

I will train and guide you with the step-by-step for Facebook marketing. The first step is how to create a Facebook page for Marketing? Take a look at some of the things we learned in Facebook marketing.

A. How to create a Facebook page? (Facebook for marketing)

If you are thinking of creating a Facebook page for your business, you have made the right decision. Today there are 60 million businesses that run Facebook pages. On Facebook you click on the Create Page option.

The Facebook page is your business profile. Usually if you want to be a member in the profile, you need to send a friend request. If you agree, his name appears in the friends list. Customers will get all the updates of your business if they like the page.

However, if you open a profile on your business name and turn the page away, you can also close Facebook.

Click to create a Facebook page

By clicking on the link above you will see that there are six different categories.

1) Business or local place

2) Companies, organizations or institutions

3) Brand or product

4) A brand of artists or a public figure

5) Entertainment

6) Reason for community

Facebook for Marketing

The Facebook page should be from your personal account. Although your profile’s personal information will not appear on the page. Your page will be created based on what you choose.

Then after clicking Start, a new page will open. Here Facebook will give you tips for creating a page. Business page foundation.

The first thing on a Facebook page is your identity. This is why it is very important to upload profile pictures. In this case you can upload a profile picture 160 to160 pixels.

However, the picture should be clear because the picture is an introduction to your page. Then upload a cover photo to the page. Its size is 851 to 315 pixels.

Now enter your Facebook page information. The description must match your page. Suppose you sell clothes. Created a Facebook page.

So, you need to write in the description what business you are doing; and the reason why the customers will buy from you. Honestly in this description do business branding. You can also write details in About.

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Create a Facebook for marketing Page’s Username

After completing the above tasks; create a username for the Facebook page. This username will create a custom URL for your page.

As a result of the username, anyone can find your page easily. Only 50 characters can be entered to give a unique username.

Set page scroll (Facebook for Marketing)

After give to name your pages you have to set up your Facebook page. The company gave the facility to hold a Facebook page for business and professional reasons. So you need to think and fix the page roll.

Click Settings in the top navigation bar. Once there, you will find an option known as column rollers on the left. There are some options which you have seen.

system administrator

A manager can do all the work of the Facebook page. This means that the administrator can do everything from sending a message, changing the settings on the page, deleting comments, publishing, giving the page scroll to someone.

So if you want to create a page from your profile and give it to someone else as an administrator, think about it.


Editors can do everything just like managers. However, editors cannot give page rolls to others.


Moderators can do things like send text messages, delete comments. However, they can not post any posts. However, he can create ads on Facebook pages.



Advertisers can create ads and track page insights.


People in this position cannot post any posts. But you can see how many people are coming to the post. That is, insights are the work of analysts.

Live donors

Anyone but you can live on the page but he can not comment.

Call to Action (CTA)

It is very important to have a call to action button to attract customers to your business. Otherwise, customers will not be able to contact you even if they come to the Facebook page.

You will see ‘Add button’ on the Facebook page. If you click on it, you can see different buttons like call now, place an order with you, contact you, buy with us. Call to action varies depending on your page type. This button will help you communicate with customers. Then arrange the page sections.

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Conclusion (Facebook for Marketing)

Facebook is the platform where no limitation for demographic and also buyers. Both physical and non physical products can sell here.

I hope you have read this tips and understood how to create a Facebook page. If you have any questions about digital marketing such as Facebook marketing you can email us.

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