How to make a link

How to make a link

The term backlink is very familiar nowadays. Especially, those who work in SEO, know about it. But most of us don’t have a clear understanding of backlinks. Here we are not going to discuss backlinks but we will discuss; how to make a link to the site? why do you need a link to the site?

And we will discuss in more detail how to create a good quality backlink. If you want to rank your site in search engines then this post is for you.

Why do you need the links to the site?

If your site has linked such as a link to another site, links to your post or page, then your site will rank in Google. So, we can say that the site needs links to appear in search engine or ranking in Google.

Outbound links (how to make a link)

In my opinion, there are really three reasons for inbound links to the site.

a) It comes in the search engine rankings. Increasing the number of visitors starting here means that the value of your site will increase.

b) For example, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and your boyfriend/girlfriend gets better idea from someone when you talk to him/her about your boyfriend/girlfriend.

So, someone’s power increases. And the same way, when your site receives these inbound links from various sites out there, then your search engines and the site will rank more and rank higher.

c) And when it rank in search Google, the number of organic traffics will come and number of visitors comes to your site and it will increase. I hope you understand now why a site needs inbound links.

What are the features of the links?

There has two types of features in the links:

1. No-follow

No-Follow is an HTML attribute which tells the search engine bots. There is no value for ranking your site in search engine, because it does not can rank the destination page.

This means that the search engine bots will no longer track your links. And if the search engine bots does not follow the links, then no links juice will pass through that links.

A juice link is the power of a link, through which the page on the link gets value.

Generally, we will not track pages that do not have much authority or that our affiliate links will not be tracked.

For those of you who work in WordPress, there is a great plugin that lets you follow links, the plugin is: Rel Nofollow CheckBox

2. Do-Follow

If you do not follow the login function, the link is created by default.

If a link is tracked, it means that the search engine bots will go through the link and go to the landing page.

Benefits of the links

There are many benefits. This means that the links juice will go to your site. In other words, a search engine bots will help rank the landing page because of this link.

While there are a few more things to do, not only creating links to follow but also the position of the page you are linking to should be good in the search engines. So you will benefit if you receive such a link.

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What are the internal link and an external link?

  • Internal link (how to make a link)

When you link another page / post to a page / post on a web site, it is called an internal link. This is also called an inbound link.

What are the internal link and an external link

An inbound link is very important for a site to rank in search engines.

Because with the right internal links you can properly transfer the links juice to all the pages / posts on your site. Therefore, internal links are usually created.

  • External link (how to make a link)

When you link a page / post to another page / post on your site, it is called an external link. Another name is an outbound link.

Because external links can be detected externally via external links, there is usually no external links. However, there may be exceptions. Because many people have very reputable sites with links to follow.

It’s like putting oil on your head. Give more to those who have.

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How to get good quality backlinks?

How to get good quality backlinks

You need to realize that getting a good quality backlink is not an easy task. For this you need to have some features on your site. the same as:

• Your site should be a site without technical errors. Here is the meaning of a technical error:

• Mobile friendly theme

  • Repeat content
  • Conspiracy errors
  • Metadata overlay

How to make a link

The design and architecture of your site should be user friendly. If your site is friendly then your site can navigate easily.

Another important you have to remember is write good quality content for your site. This is very important. Because if your content is good, your content page will be shared by other users and reach everyone.

This way you can grab the attention of others and provide inbound links to your page from other relevant pages.

We hope that the above discussion