How to remove comments in word

In this post, we are going to discuss how to remove comments in word from the website. We are going to cover several exceptional strategies, where we are going to discuss how to remove comments in word; disable comments, not even permit comments, to even get on your website. And how to protect spam comments that will help with that.

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How to remove comments in word from your website

Let’s see how to remove comments in word from the website’s posts, pages, and media. For that, the first thing you have to do is open your WordPress dashboard.

How to remove comments in word from your website

Here we’ll make some setting changes. So, firstly, let’s go to the settings area then the discussion, and in the discussion area; we can change some of the discussion settings.

So after clicking on discussion settings you can see default post settings on the top.

Here you can see three boxes where it says first attempts to notify any blogs linked; second, allow linked notification from other blogs, and third, allow people to submit comments.

how to disable comments from website

When you want to uncheck, the last number box; allow people to submit comments then that will help for any articles; or any blog posts that are published on our site.

So, I’ll tell you how you can do those pages and posts both have this area that you can make changes. I’m telling you how you can do this under pages. So, for that go to all and check the title box by default pages comments are turned off for them.

So, now you have to need to do go to all pages. Then select the page that you want to work on and you should see the title box; tab check it then click on bulk actions. Then select edit then click on apply bottom.

After click on apply then you have to see the author, parent, comments, and status. Here you have to click the comments section and click on no change.

Here now you have to select do not allow. Then go down and click on update bottom. And all the comments should be not allowed for the future.

Now if you may have comments on your site’s posts. So, in this case, what you have to do one thing, which I am going to tell you how to remove comments in word from your website’s post comments bellow.

When you do this then nobody in the future will be able to make comments on your posts.

How to remove comments in word from your website’s post comments

How to remove comments in word from your website's post comments

Now, you may have commented already on your website’s posts. So, in this case, you have to go to the comments and you’ll have to delete all of them. You can select here one by one or can select all the comments altogether.

Simply doing this you need to click on the checkmark. Next to the author column and that will select all of the comments on the posts.

Now, you need to go on bulk action and select here move to trash and then click apply, and then these all will go to trash.

Then click on the trash button select all again, and these will delete permanently.

In case you need to do this in a short manner to do away with all comments which are already there now. You may delete all together in quick away.

So, for that you can do is move underneath display screen option sunder pagination and you could pick how many number of items are at the posts.

 So, from here you can delete all comments, if you have more and more. Then go ahead and type in the number that you want and that will pull in that many on the posts. So, you don’t have to keep doing this next and next.

So that will turn off all on previous posts that will remove all comments on previous posts and you also disabled comments on future posts.

How to remove comments in word from your website’s media

There are some times when comments are turned on the media page. Then you see there’s a way that people can leave a comment for the attachment of the media. And if you want to turn that off, then there’s a little bit of code you’re actually going to have to do.

If you’re frightened approximately adding code, don’t fear. Here you could do it without code. It’ll be using a plug-in. If you wanted to do it without a plugin then you will want to be a little comfortable with adjusting your theme.

So, you need to go appearance, then theme editor, and you need to have copied the following code: (You have to go WordPress dashboard > appearance > theme > them editor > find them. Go to the last code give a space and paste the code)

add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’, ‘unset_url_field’);functionunset_url_field($fields){if(isset($fields[‘url’]))unset($fields[‘url’]);return$fields;}

Then above code needs to paste into your theme area over on the right you can see for your functions that PHP page. So, click on that and scroll all the way down and start a new line and paste the code.

So once you do that click update file and then when you go to your library and you go to your attachment page. Then scroll down and you can’t have that comment area any more.

Now if that made you a bit nervous and you don’t want to do that don’t worry I’ll show you a different way that you can do that using a plugin and the plugin is actually pretty good.

How to remove comments in word from your website’s by using plugins

How to remove comments in word from your website's by using plugins

To disable comments by the plugin you need to go to the plugin section then click on add new. Now in the search bar type a plugin name called disable comments by Samir Shah.

Then go ahead and install that once you install it you also want to hang around to make sure that you activate it as well.

And then you’ll have an area you can either click Settings here or if you ever have to come back to and go to settings disable comments to deal with the plugin.

 So, from settings, you can either choose to disable comments everywhere and that’ll remove it from everything.

If you want some comments on a specific area of your website then you can choose to disable the comments.

And after choose disable the comments it would remove comments. Another thing is there are several different techniques and you can use them by doing disable and remove comments from your website.

Akismet-anti-spam plugin

How to remove comments in word from your website's by using the Akismet-anti-spam plugin,

If you really tired of spam commenting then you can stop them; because there are certain ways that you can handle spam comments.

And you can battle them. So, that you can keep your comments on your website; and for that, you need a plugin called Akismet-anti-spam.

So, you can install it and activate it. it handles quite a bit of the spam. But some people have even started adding another plugin called the anti-spam bee.

So, the anti-spam and the anti-spam bee and the Akismet. they’ll handle quite a bit of your robot spam stuff but none of the biggest ways that you can remove the possibility of having a lot of like humans coming out and spamming.

Comment link plugin

How to remove comments in word by using comment link plugin

Your site is simply by removing the link, the URL, the website link to the comments area and to do that you can add a plugin called comment link, and other comments tool very long.

This is the one we’re talking about go ahead and install that and then activate it as well and that will simply remove the URL from the comment.

 So, people who are looking for a backlink and they’re not looking to really interact with your site. When you do this, then there’s no way that they can add their website.

So it won’t be beneficial to them. It’ll be an easy way for you to keep spam from happening while still allowing interaction with actual people.

Who wants to talk and interact on your site? So, those are several different techniques that you can use to disable comments on your site.


In this post we have discussed, how to remove comments in word from your website and I hope you have understood that.

If you have any clarification about that then leave a comment below in the comment box.