How to speed up your website

How to speed up your website

Hi Friends, are your websites running slow? What the reasons for that? Are you want to know how to speed up your website? Then this is the right place. Here in this post, we will discuss how to speed up your website.

In this post, we will bring to you 6 main reasons why your website could be running slow and what you can do to improve the speed of your websites or how to speed up your website.

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How to speed up your website?

 So I’ll be telling you the before and after of each step to step and tell you how how to speed up your website. So, let’s go and see what the reasons are.

 1. Your website can speed up by Caching

Your website can speed up by Caching

How to speed up your website? The answer is Caching. Yes, caching is actually a very important feature that you should not overlook on your website. Caching is creating a replicated version of your website.

So, let’s say you have a visitor that comes to your website and keep refreshing the page. The server doesn’t have to keep loading everything all over again.

It gives the visitor a cached version of the website putting less strain on the server and not using as many resources.

Now, you need a caching plug-in which one should you use. Now there are various free caching plugins out there.

However, I use WP rocket and I’m sure a lot of other people do. It is probably one of the best caching plugins. You can use caching plugins whatever do you want. But the WP rocket plugin comes with a lazy load.

What is a lazy load?

It actually loads things as needed. For example, let’s say someone comes to your website refreshes the page and they click on get started. What is the point of loading everything on the bottom of the page?

All the way down here, if they never even load it. You know there’s no reason to even load. So, by implementing lazy load on your website you can only load what is necessary.

 So, I do recommend WP rockets. So, if you want to try that. But caching is crucial, it’s very important and this is solid proof that you need to have a caching plug-in on your websites.

 2. Images (how to speed up your website)


How to speed up your website? Secondly, this answer is your image size. The beginner’s biggest mistake where they just go ahead and Google Images and they grab it in the image. They find it and they put it on their website.

I am guilty of this too when I first started to trust me everyone does this. But the problem with that is that those images are massive and you probably don’t even realize what you’re putting on your website.

Because you don’t really see the size you just see the dimensions of the image, and you say, I’ll put it on my websites. Well, that could really slow your website down.

 Now there are two plugins or there are one plugin and one website that can drastically compress the image size. So, there is a tiny JPEG website, you can go ahead and upload images and it actually shrinks it down. If you want to upload your images on this website then click here!

 This website will shrink it down to at least 50%. It does a really good job at compressing the images and as you can tell you know there is virtually no difference.

So, you can save a lot of space on your website. Also if you have tons of images on your website and you don’t really feel like manually doing one by one.

You can install WP Smush or this will go ahead and Smush the images on your websites. Now I don’t think it’ll be as efficient as if you do it yourself. But I sure it helps you.

 3. Delete the unnecessary plugins

Delete the unnecessary plugins

How to speed up your website? This question’s third answer is to delete the unnecessary plugins from your WordPress dashboard. I know you like plugins because they’re free and add a lot of functionality to your website.

The problem with adding too many plugins is that it will slow down your website. So, here I would like to share my website loading speed.

It is around 3.7 seconds now. Now I am going to deactivate some unnecessary plugins by Google.

I deactivated smush Pro and I also deactivated the essential grid plugins. Now my website loading speed to be tied went from 3.7 down to 2.5.

Here I am saving at least one second in speed because I have deactivated just a few plugins. Now I know my site needs optimization.

My page speed to score is good; but right now I’m rebuilding it and revamping it and as long as the site’s loading at around two seconds; whatever that’s fine we’ll worry about that later.

But for the rest of you, it’s very important not to have too many plugins on your website.

Because this will slow it down, so go through your website and go ahead and delete any unnecessary plugins and I guarantee you that will speed up your websites.

 4. CDN (how to speed up your website)

How to speed up your website? This question’s fourth answer is to active CDN server. The CDN stands for a Content Delivery Network and it basically reduces the physical distance a user has to travel through cyberspace; all the way to your website by actually connecting to a local server.

So, a Content Delivery Network will go ahead and take your website and create cached versions of it, and spread them out on local servers. So, users can go ahead and just connect to local servers.

They don’t have to go ahead and travel all the way to your server saving some loading time. So, if your website’s on a global basis, it’s a very big deal, and if your website is more of a local website personally.

 I don’t think you’re seeing that much of a significant difference; not unless you have a lot of people connecting from your web sites or to your website from very far away. But Site Ground does offer free CDN ends.

If you go to your hosting services you can actually get a free Cloud Flare or CDN and this is free for Site Ground users. So, it clears that by adding a CDN you could save a few seconds of load time.

5. PHP Setting

How to speed up your website? This question’s fifth answer is to update your PHP Setting. So, for cPanel users has to go to PHP version manager then click on that; then click on your website and then you can go ahead and adjust it here.

Now you can see here several versions like 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc. Here you can go with the current seven point two and whatever your current version is.

You can always go ahead and improve the upgrade of the PHP and then go back to your websites.

If you see any problems then you should go ahead and change it back. But don’t take my advice just backup your website. But by updating your PHP, you can improve the performance of your website.

6. Using Light speed servers

 How to speed up your website? This question’s sixth answer is to use Light speed servers on your website. There’s a lot of server software out there’s Ngine X, which is good there’s a patch and also light speed which is the fastest among the three.

Now you can always debate that but light speed servers are generally considered the fastest server software out there.

So, when you’re signing up for a web hosting company you want to make sure that they have light speed servers.

For example Name Hero is loading at around two seconds very fast company but then you have companies like I Page that are loading at around five seconds.

Name Hero

You have companies like In Motion that are loading out on six seconds and that’s because they’re using old Apache software.

So the software that using is very out to date and I can understand that they don’t want to update it; because that’s a lot of infrastructure to change.

 But you want to go ahead and go with companies like wpx where they have Lights peed servers. You want to go with Name Hero.

They have Lights peed servers also they have Light speed cloud servers as well because they are being hosted on Google cloud. There are lot of Companies who provides Light Speed Servers but you have to buy it.

Conclusion (how to speed up your website)

 I hope you can speed up your website by reading “how to speed up your website” post. When you will signify all these reasons and will you solve these then you able to speed up your website.

So, make sure that you optimize your website and add every single step to your website and I promise you, your website will be faster.

If you implement every single step I told you about in the post, so guys I do my best to write to this post. If I did good let me know in the comments box.