How to turn off commenting on Instagram

How to turn off commenting on Instagram

Here, I want to show you a couple of different ways how to turn off commenting on Instagram; and after reading this post, you can do it to a post that you already published. If you want to turn off commenting, you can do it to a post that we are going to publish and we don’t want any comments to be allowed on.

How to turn off commenting on Instagram

Let me go ahead and do a post from scratch to show you how to turn it off; when you post I’m press the plus sign here on the bottom of the screen; and let’s go ahead and add an image here. I’ll press next and then here you write your captions.

But right here on the very bottom of the page you should see Advanced Settings. go ahead and press that and right on top you could turn off commenting. You could always turn this back on too. so this is not a permanent option if you change your mind.

But go ahead and turn off commenting, and now you could go ahead and share your posts. The second option was finding a post that you already posted and turning off commenting on it. So I’ll go to this previous post here and let’s say I wanted to turn off comments to this post.

I’ll just have to press the three dots on top and then press turn off commenting; and as you could see the comment actually disappeared. So make sure you do actually want to do this. You will lose your previous comments here.

I’m gonna go ahead and turn this back on and the comment is actually gonna reappear here. So it’s not permanently gone when you do turn off commenting, and finally on your profile page. If you press the three lines on the top right and you go to the settings on the bottom of the page.


You could go to privacy here, the privacy option and press comments. If you press it here you’ll have your comment controls. So as you can see right-on top. You could press a lot comments from everyone you could go ahead and change this to your followers or people you follow. So, these three options here, besides everyone.

You could go ahead and have hid offensive comments turn on manual filters. So, on manual filters I have some curse words here filtered out and most reported words is also turned-on. I try to keep this as secure as possible with the comment control; but this doesn’t turn off commenting altogether it.

Basically narrows down, who could comment and it does hide some commenting. But the other two options I showed you where you basically press. The three dots and turn off commenting or do it in the advanced tab before pressing post on that profile. I hope you found this quick post useful please make sure you give it a thumbs and subscribe the website.