Online Advertising Market

New tricks are coming out of the giant technology companies to end the competition in the market. The latest revelation is related to a secret agreement between Facebook and Google for a monopoly on online advertising market sales.

Online Advertising Market

Online Advertising Market

Disclosure from court documents filed in an anti-trust lawsuit

Court documents show that in 2017 Facebook spoke of adopting a new path to end; Google’s control of the digital advertising market. However, within two years, the company took a turn and announced that it would join the group of companies that supported Google.

The revelation of the agreement between the technology giants to prevent competition in the market has reportedly raised concerns again.

Facebook was about to crack down on Google, but it suddenly gave up

The two companies suddenly shook hands with Facebook, which was to move against Google. Facebook has not yet given a reason for this move.

10 US states revealed

Data on anti-trust lawsuits filed by 10 U.S. states last year showed that Google gave it a variety of benefits by joining hands with Facebook to restrict competition. Interestingly, Facebook has not yet revealed the reason for withdrawing from its work against Google.

Dirty cleaning did not stop the competition

Sally Hubbard, a former assistant attorney general at the New York Anti-Trust Bureau, says technology companies use different tactics to strengthen each other’s monopolies. Such agreements are common in the world of digital advertising and have not prevented competition.

Received less attention

Officials at six of the 20 companies that supported Google said that Google did not have as lenient provisions as Facebook in its agreements with them. He says Google has given more importance to Facebook than other companies.

Occupy more than half the market

According to statistics, Google and Facebook accounted for more than half of digital advertising in 2019. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually on online advertising worldwide. Researchers say that buying and selling 60 percent of this advertising space is automated.

Google provided specific information (Online Advertising Market)

According to the lawsuit, Facebook said in a blog post that it partnered with Google in this area in December 2018. The company did not specify whether Google gave it some information’ and speed benefits to can successful in ad auctions rejected by other companies. .

Facebook had twice as much time as others (Online Advertising Market)

Timing is crucial in digital advertising auctions. It is written in the court documents that Google gave 300 milliseconds to Facebook for the auction; while other cooperating companies received only 160 milliseconds.

  • Facebook has also allowed direct business relationships with the sites where the ads appear.
  • Google has also partnered with Facebook to help better understand who will appear in ads.