Quora ads

Quora ads

Hi, Friends, do you know, what are the Quora ads? Do you know you can get profits from the Quora ads?

If you want to run Quora ads today, you can do it. I think one of the best choices that you have to test is quora ads. Why and how, we will discuss in this post?

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Profit of Quora ads

Profit of Quora ads

 You can see one of my friend’s Quora account above in the image. You can see this month he has got 256.7k content views, 16.2k watch time views, +8.2k subscribers, and also estimated revenue also.

This number he gets for free. So this is free promotion for his content using quora.

How to create Quora Ads?

If you want to run quora ads then you have needed a quora account, which you can create free. If you don’t have a quora account then you have to quora website or you can go directly by clicking here.

quora login

 And it will bring you to the quora login dashboard. From here you sign up with Google or Facebook account. If you don’t know what is quora then and how to get traffic from quora then click here.

In one sentence, we can say quora is a website where people ask and answer questions and by the way, there has come more than 300 million visitors and 50 is from the United State. So it’s an awesome source of traffic.

After sign up, you will be in a quora account, now you will have to click on your account icon.

Now you can see under the profile name create an ad, click on create ad then give your campaign name and contact Email ID. Then click next and again you have to give your business name, business website, industry, Billing Country, and Billing currency.

So simply here in your account you go and click on ads manager and create an account. You will go directly and will create a campaign as you can see on quora’s ads account.

We are on create a campaign page. Now sign up and go and click on create a campaign just click on a new campaign and you have another page and where you have to do real work

 Why we would choose quora ads campaign

We would choose the quora ads campaign for targeting. if you want two words contextual targeting then continue reading the post.

 Now you have given a name of the campaign, whatever now any name you want here you can set the objective.

If you are familiar with Facebook ads, google ads, whatever kind of ads all these systems have almost the same objectives, like conversions, app installs, get traffic, lead generation, and brand awareness. So, almost the same concept, as Facebook or any other ads platform.

If you want to run a campaign and your main goal is to get more sales, to get more conversions, if you have an application, like people they want to download and install.

 So, you can set your campaign objective as app installs. If you want traffic to your website you click on traffic.

If you want awareness you click on awareness. Then you have needed to enter the daily maximum budget, then simply click on continue.

 Here we needed to clear understanding of following

  • What is a campaign?
  • How to sets an ad sets?
  • What do ads imply?

Here the campaign is the parent. The campaign will have multiple ad sets. The ad sets will define the target of your ads. So as an example the campaign which you create will have multiple ad sets.

The first one will target people in the united state and anywhere you want to target, and interested in digital marketing or any other topics.

 The second ad set will target people who may be worldwide or in another country and so on. So, the ad set will define the targeting and the ad at last under the ad set as your ad, your image, the title, and so on.

So, this is the structure of any ad system, by the way, this is how Facebook works, Google ads work, Quora ads work, all ad systems work like this.

In Quora ads, you can target the location, where you want to target which countries, which cities, and so on.

For example, if you say, I will target now the United States. You can target cities states by zip codes whatever you want. So now select the country which is the USA.

Here in Quora has primary targeting and that more accurate. When will you target people with this type of targeting that contextual, you are targeting people who are asking and answering questions related to your topic?

So it’s very precise, you are targeting very specific people on Facebook. it will analyze people and determine who is interested in your topic like digital marketing.

But in Quora people are asking a question about digital marketing. is answering questions about digital marketing.

 So they want a solution or they are answering. So they are people who know about digital marketing and now. Now on Quora, they are talking about digital marketing.

So when they see Quora ads at the same time they are talking about the same topic.

The power of Quora Ads

You see that there is a match between the topic and the ad, While on Facebook you are like going between the post; you see posts about politics, about sports, about your friends, and suddenly you see an ad; maybe you are interested in but it’s not the time to see this ad while in Quora.

This is the power of the quora think about it from a psychological perspective. You see people are searching for an answer on code about digital marketing about any topic and they saw an ad that solves this issue definitely.

They will click and they probably want to check your service. This is maybe a 100 percent match between the ad and the contextual targeting.

This is the power of Quora ads and for this reason, you need to test quora today.

Email marketing Quora Ads

Email marketing Quora Ads

If you want to promote your service as an example, like email marketing then create Quora ads and try it.

So, people who are asking about email marketing or answering questions about email marketing will see your ad also. It will give them some suggestions related to email marketing.

So, anyone who is talking or answering or questioning about these topics will see your ads and this is the power of Quora.

In Quora ads, have a very important thing is that it has the primary targeting. And do not forget to set all ad system, so go and choose the contextual and test this.

And you will see good results then we have the device you can see mobile desktop you select the gender like male-female these are common between all ad systems.

The Quora ads are very good compared to Facebook or Google or whatever we have a lot cheaper pricing.

If we go now as an example at super tools and go to the keyword research tool; and then let’s search for email marketing in the USA.

We can see the search keyword email marketing will see now the CPC is 43 dollars; and the competition is very high while here in Quora. We choose email marketing and look at this bid price it’s only 0.25 or 1.33.

 So it’s really a lot cheaper than promoting on Google or on Facebook and so on. So it’s at a price like 79 the suggested price and clicks then on continue; now you need to create your ad.

How to set an image ad or a text ad

So here we have to need to create the ads; you can select between an image ad, a text ad or to promote an answer. So you can answer questions and promote in quora.

Your answer will appear as the best answer for any related question to this topic. So, you can select an image ad text to add; or promote an answer, and then you set an ad name let’s say add one here anything.

You can enter the business name which will appear in the ad’s headline sentence. If you want the body text then you can enter a call to action like learn more apply.

Now it’s like on Facebook if you are familiar with any other ads platform. You can add the logo also here. you can add an image; if you want with 600 by 335 pixels and you can publish and continue your ad.

The Quora ads policy

 After all set up I recommend you to read the quora ads policy very well. Because it has somehow detailed policy about your images, your titles, how you write them, and so on.

And don’t like spamming even if you pay for this ad. It has detailed policies I recommend you read before publishing and creating an ad.

So, you can create the ad and you enter the URL you want people to go with; and then click continue and your ad will be published.

Affiliate marketing in Quora

You can also share here in Quora your affiliate marketing links but not directly; because Quora doesn’t accept affiliate links directly.

If your affiliate services want to promote in Quora then you have to need to promote your blog’s articles in Quora. So, you need to create a landing page may be a blog post and inside the blog post, you can mention your affiliate links, and so on.

And you can try promoting affiliate products with quora. So, if you want or promote your own services and products, and websites I hope this post helps you.