What is Your Vision

What is Your Vision

Nothing is easy in life, just blindly follow the crowd and don’t worry about whether the path you are walking is right or wrong because it has been tested many times by the people in front of you. You can be almost certain that you will definitely achieve at least something if you stick to it. However, having one’s own vision that is unrelated to what others are doing has its own benefits.

What is your vision?

First of all, a vision gives you a purpose and makes all your efforts worthwhile for you because you know exactly where you are going with what you are doing. Otherwise, you will be putting in a lot of effort; but you will never know how far you have come and how far you have yet to go. This will eventually make you lose interest in your endeavor and at some point, you may give up. But when you have a certain vision, you rarely lose inspiration.

What is your own vision?

Secondly, when you have a vision, whenever you get stuck somewhere, you try to find your own solutions. Your maturity level increases and your sense of responsibility improve. If you don’t have the vision, you’ll rarely find the courage and urge to try to work out your problems. You will most of the time find yourself blaming luck or other such factors as this is not what you really want to do.

Life is made by vision

Ultimately, your vision makes you who you are and decides what you are worth in life. It gives you the courage not to settle for less. When you know your true worth, you realize what you are capable of and where you really are. On the other hand, when you don’t have a vision you lose out on many opportunities because you are only following people who are not even half as talented as you. You can only imagine where your life could end.


You only live once and this is your only chance to do what you really want to do. You can live in fear and continue to live a normal life, or you can learn to let go of safe paths and choose the kind of life you were born to live choice is yours!